RAW Pocket Ashtray


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  • The name says it all! The Raw Pocket Ashtray is a nifty little ashtray from Raw that is small enough to go with you anywhere you need to be! The pouch itself is made with a paper-like material and is lined inside with foil. The whole thing is secured with a snap button, so everything stays neat and clean.
  • Convenient portable ashtray by RAW. Perfect for a relaxed smoking session at the pool, by the lake or in the park.
  • This small ashtray looks like a monocle holder, but features a fire-resistant inner coating. With this pocket ashtray, you can finally enjoy a cigarette outdoors without worrying about the safe disposal of the butts.
  • The perfect accessory for hanging out at the beach, walks in the forest, relaxing in the garden, picknicks in the park or sunbathing at the swimming pool.