Limited Edition RAW Glass Rolling Tray with Dank Paper Scoop Card


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You’ve got your rolling papers now all you need is the right rolling tray. What does the job better than an original RAW rolling tray? This RAW tray is pretty enormous when stacked up against other rolling trays, measuring in at a generous 13” x 11”. It’s designed of thick, high quality translucent glass emblazoned with the RAW logo lending to a sleek look and functionality that means you won’t lose a single sticky grain. If it’s time to invest in a rolling tray, your cigarettes will thank you for going with the best: the RAW Glass Rolling Tray.

  • Made from High Quality, Thick and Durable Glass
  • Perfectly Sized at 13 * 11 Inches
  • Raw Natural Rolling Papers Logo on Tray
  • Must Have Raw Collectible From 2016
  • Includes 1 Dank Paper Brand Scoop Card Accessory

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Weight 3.62 lbs
Dimensions 16.69 × 13.39 × 2.17 in