Raw Rolling Papers Brand King Size Cone Filler


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  • The Raw King Size Cone Filler lets you fill your king size cones with ease. Simply set up the machine, get your favorite filler, an empty cone, and create the perfect smokes! Easy to use, the Raw Cone Filler makes filling cones a snap. Fits most king size cones
  • Save time and money by filling your cones in a jiffy
  • Trust Raw Brand that delivers quality product everytime
  • Now you can fill your cone 10 times faster AND better. Just fill the trough, stick the cone on the end and close. Then slide the top part forward-then back-then just a little bit forward to give it that extra pack (this last step is a matter of finesse – the more you push on this last step the harder she’ll be packed). Slide the top part back to its starting position, open and remove your perfectly filled cone.

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